Read more about the Kell Journey that started in September of 2014. 

Our Story

Kell Aluminium profiles offer a wide range of state-of-the-art Innovative products suitable for any project from Townhouse to Tower. Founded by Izaan Keller as an independently owned Wispeco stockist in September of 2014, Kell expanded its footprint in South Africa, along with it's Products and services to accomodate virtually any business or individual in the same industry.

Kell Aluminium Profiles is a well-respected and renowned name in the industry. We believe that sustainability is built on trust. Therefore, we have a 'no shortcut' approach while staying ahead. Quality products and services combined with speed and communication allows Kell to grow each year, and passionate staff who reflects what we represent assists our clients with confidence.

Compliance is of utmost importance at Kell. We're a proud distributor of Crealco Aluminium Systems. All Crealco products are type tested by AAAMSA and complies with the South African Building Legislation. The Crealco butterfly resembles evolution, agility, durability and creativity.

While we stock a wide range of trusted and proven products, we also provide inhouse services such as Kell Powder Coating. Founded in January 2017, our quality is internationally approved by Qualicoat, an approval status very few can mention in South Africa. Kell Powder Coating allows your creativity to be unlimited with new ideas and concepts welcomed.

Speaking of new ideas. Kell Innovation just launched, but it's not new in its effort. Hard work over the past few years allowed us to launch the first of many of our range of Innovative products. Kell Innovation is all about Identifying flaws in out current approach, and then simplifying the process with an Innovative solution. Whenever you use a Kell Innovation product, you will save time, you will save money, and you will end up saying: "That was a lot simpler than what I'm used to."

Welcome to Kell Aluminium Profiles, where we believe our hard work and effort will continue to provide you with an unprecedented service. Where you can be confident in what we recommend and where Speed and Communication will be your experience when dealing with Kell.

Let's simplify your next project with time and money saving solutions, nation wide delivery, everything you need under one roof.

Products and Services

Crealco Products

Crealco products are grouped into four ranges for ease of finding a suitable product for a typical building application

The Crealco products and brand is supported by technical, design software, training, marketing and distribution functions.

Wispeco Systems Department

Wispeco have a dedicated technical “Systems” department that continuously design, develop and improve Crealco products and industry design and costing support software. The Systems department furthermore assist stockists and fabricators with technical enquiries and support.

Crealco Design Software

The Crealco design software offerings was developed to offer solutions at three industry levels to ensure quality and compliant Crealco products is specified, fabricated, installed and maintained. All software is offered free of charge.

Wispeco Training Institute

Wispeco’s institute offer various training that include amongst other basic principles of aluminium and fabrication training to glass and aluminium fabricators. Learners are trained how to fabricate various Crealco products and syllabus covers theoretical and practical aspects of the fabrication process.

Kell Innovation

At Kell Innovation we create bespoke Aluminium systems to simplify life for our clients by identifying flaws in existing products and asking, How can we make this better?

  • Kell Pressure Washer
  • Kell HD Roller
  • Kell Frameless Balustrade
  • Kell T Handle

We believe in Kell Innovation. All our products are patented and installed on our premises

Kell Powder Coating

Founded in January 2017, our quality is internationally approved by Qualicoat, an approval status very few can mention in South Africa. Kell Powder Coating allows your creativity to be unlimited with new ideas and concepts welcomed. 

 Qualicoat is an international standard organization specializing in quality control in the coating market.  In South Africa we would be more familiar with SABS, which for a couple of years now has been non-existent in our industry.

Kell Powder coating coats a wide variety of architectural and standard colors available in the market