Extruded Beauty
The Crealco Clip 44 hinged door is designed to hinge onto the door jamb either on the left or right, allowing the door to open inward or outward.
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Economical Choice
The Crealco Rouge has been designed with thermal efficiency at its forefront. The door is designed for single glazing only and can be fabricated as a 2, 3, 4 or 6 panel slider
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Residential range of products suitable for upmarket residences, lodges, estates, etc. This range can also be
used in commercial applications.

The Crealco Seal Panel is an elegant and classic design, which acquires less space in you bathroom area.

The Crealco Horizon shutters can be configured to a sliding folding or sliding hinged system.

The Crealco fixed louvre is visually pleasing, low in maintenance and adds to the value of the building.

The Crealco Seal Tri-Slide shower door is an elegant and classy design

The Crealco Seal Pivot shower door is designed with a pivot point

Splash Triple sliding bath enclosure provides the option of having a shower over your bath

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