The Edge of Efficiency
The Edge Thermal Break Casement Window is Thermally efficient and suitable for both single and double glazing
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Infinite Possibilities
The Crealco Infinity internal glass and board partition offers the flexibility to create a uniquely glazed environment within commercial building applications.
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Commercial range of products suitable for shopping complexes, malls,
office blocks, hospitals, etc.

The Crealco Seal Panel is an elegant and classic design, which acquires less space in you bathroom area.

The Crealco Horizon shutters can be configured to a sliding folding or sliding hinged system.

The Crealco fixed louvre is visually pleasing, low in maintenance and adds to the value of the building.

The Crealco Seal Tri-Slide shower door is an elegant and classy design

The Crealco Seal Pivot shower door is designed with a pivot point

Swift34 window offers various window configurations to best suite your fenestration requirements

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